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Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Razoo's Treehouse Playset

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Razoo's Treehouse Playset ( )Spin Master Zoobles Family Day Razoos Treehouse Playset

DESCRIPTION: A large plastic playset from the Zoobles Family Day toy range with an activity treehouse theme, consisting of multiple features for Zoobles to play, relax and eat. Includes 1 x unique 'spring to life' Zooble, 1 x Zoobles mini friend, 1 x large treehouse structure, 1 x cup, 1 x plate, 1 x flower basket, 1 x campfire, 1 x brush, 1 x ramp and cardboard play food. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Razoo's Treehouse Playset in one of the larger Zoobles sets on the market at the moment and will certainly not disappoint on fun and playability, packed full of features and accessories to keep young girls entertained for hours.

The playset is centred around a treehouse theme, consisting of a wonderfully designed sturdy central tree structure with two separate tree sections jutting off the main base. The colours are bright and girlie, and the detailing in the plastic is lovely, with glittery foliage, engraved flowers and bark detailing in the trunk and branches. 

One exclusive Zooble (called Pappi) is included with the set, with a cute patterned design and oversized ears. Like all the Zoobles, this character contains springy components that allow it to curl up completely into a compact rolling ball which magically pops open again (including its eyes) when placed on unique 'hot spots' on the playset. In addition, the set comes with a sweet miniature Zooble friend (an owl) who even has its own little hole in the tree trunk to sit in.

The playset is packed full of fun activities for the Zoobles to enjoy. The main tree has a bright pink slide running down from the top - the Zooble is placed on a special leaf (in its curled up state) on the top of the tree, which is then lifted up to release the Zooble down the slide.

There are two pathways for the Zooble to take down the slide, controlled via a small plastic divider which your child can move from side to side. One pathway drops the Zooble into a little seat which rotates around an adjoining pole to take the Zooble to ground level. The other pathway directs the Zooble onto an upper platform (complete with barriers and nicely designed mirrored cabinet) where it lands on a magnetic hot spot and 'springs to life'!

Other activity features of the treehouse include a great little Zooble swing chair, a fun 'ice cave' with drop-through floor (operated via a flower-shaped control on the side) and accompanying ramp for the Zooble to roll down, as well as a spinning 'roundabout' feature in which the Zooble also springs open.

If this isn't enough, the playset includes some great accessories. Our personal favourite is a really well designed free-standing enclosed hammock structure, with straw-effect roof, opening door and pivoted hammock that can be pulled out for some serious Zooble relaxation. In addition, there is a very cute tree stump table with attached push-down seats for two Zoobles to sit on and enjoy a spot of lunch together - a plastic campfire, plate, cup and cardboard food items (pizza, ice-cream and cookies!), as well as a plastic hair brush and flower basket bring some wonderful extras to the role play. 

In our opinion, Razoo's Treehouse Playset is a really well thought-out set to appeal to young girls, with lovely attention to detail in the design, and multiple features and accessories that offer great playability and encourage endless Zooble adventures. 

BAD POINTS: The sets are quite small and delicate, and may get easily stepped on or lost. The set is also quite pricey and only includes one Zooble.

PRICE: Approx. £34.99


Available from Amazonalt and Boots 


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