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Spin Master Zoobles Petal Point Blossoming Garden Playset

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Petal Point Blossoming Garden Playset ( Master Zoobles Blossoming Garden Playset

DESCRIPTION: A plastic Zoobles playset including 'Iris' Flower Zooble and her mini-Zooble friend 'Poppy'. Consists of a Zoobles play garden 'Happitat' featuring two hot spots for Iris to 'spring to life', a slide, a shower, 2 x shampoo bottles, 1 x soap bottle, 1 x alarm clock, a x basket, 1 x rubber duckie, 1 x shower brush, 1 x bath towel and 1 x comb. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Zoobles Blossoming Garden Playset is a wonderfully cute set from the Zoobles range, that little girls in particular will love. The playset is based around a colourful little Zoobles garden 'Happitat', complete with play slide, flower shower and flower mirror. The playset includes two exclusive Zooble characters, a Flower Zooble called Iris who has her own unique colour scheme and design (other Zoobles can also be used with the playset) and also her tiny Zooble friend Poppy. As with the majority of Zoobles, Iris has springy components that enable her to curl up compactly into a small (rolling) ball, which pops open again when she is placed on either of the two magnetic 'hot spot' areas in the play garden.

A lever at the top of the garden slide enables your child to roll the Zooble 'ball' down the slide, and into the garden shower tray, whereby Iris will land on one of the activation 'hot spots' located under the flower shower and spring open, at the same time opening the shower petals! Once Iris is in position under the shower, pressing down the button on the top of the shower makes her move up and down, opening and closing her eyes as she does (the shower petals also move in and out).

Once Iris has showered, she can dry herself using her bath towel and move to the other 'hot spot' where she can style herself in the flower-shaped mirror! The playset comes with several little play accessories such as shampoo and soap bottles, an alarm clock and a rubber duck, all of which have holes in the bottom which allow them to be attached to the top of a garden table. In addition, a little comb and shower brush are included with the set, as well as a basket for Poppy to sit in, which hangs from a hook on the cardboard backdrop behind the slide.

In our opinion, this is a cute and appealing little set for girls which includes many accessories and features, and is sure to promote plenty of imaginative play.

BAD POINTS: The sets are quite delicate and include lots of small pieces which can get easily stepped on or lost.

PRICE: Approx. £19.99


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