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Spin Master Zoobles Princess Castle Set

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Zoobles Princess Castle Set ( Master Zoobles Princess Castle

DESCRIPTION: A plastic Zoobles playset featuring a princess castle with opening drawbridge and multiple play areas including slide, swing and spinning dance floor. Includes 1 x 'spring to life' Dragon Zooble, 1 x mini Prince doll, 1 x mini Princess doll, 3 x removable outfits, and many castle accessories. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you have any young Zoobles fans then the Zoobles Princess Castle will make a fantastic edition to their collection, with loads of great features and accessories to appeal to young girls.

The playset consists of a wonderfully plastic pink castle, an exclusive Dragon Zooble, and two very cute miniature Prince and Princess dolls. Both the dolls have lovely detailing, with distinctive hair styles, facial expressions and their very own tiara/crown and removable outfit (more than one in the case of the Princess!) which young children will love dressing them up in.

The unique Dragon Zooble has a very detailed design with a brightly coloured exterior, and like all the Zoobles, it contains springy components that enable it to curl up into a compact ball which magically pops open (including its eyes!) when the Princess, or rather her 'magical' feet, are placed in the designated slot on the Zooble's back. Note that the Princess' ball gown must be removed for her to be fitted onto the Zooble.

Spin Master Zoobles Princess CastleThe castle is really fun and comes complete with wonky windows, lovely foliage detailing and two glittery translucent blue domed turrets (connected by a pretty striped decorative feature). The front entrance door (or drawbridge) flips down, and the rear of the castle is open to faciliate play, with the interior divided into various rooms and chambers. A multitude of cute accessories are included to kit out the castle, including a grand bed, a dressing mirror and two royal thrones, all with little footwells for the Princess/Prince to sit (minus their outfits!); in addition, a fun bathtub with shower head, a dining table, a bucket and a brush.

The castle also comes with a variety of fun play areas for the Prince and Princess, including a wonderful slide which attaches to the side of the castle, a swing (which actually swings), and also a fun spinning dance floor which is operating by rotating the central disc. There is even a swing-style support at the top of one of the turrets which the Zooble (and Princess) can sit in to enable them to 'fly' above the castle. 

The Spin Master Zoobles Princess Castle Set is, in our opinion, another great toy from the Zoobles Princess range - a very pretty and well designed playset with some really cute features and accessories for lots of fun and imaginative fairy tale role play.

BAD POINTS: The parts are quite small and delicate so may get easily stepped on or lost.

PRICE: £19.99


Available from AmazonArgos and Boots


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