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Character Building Sports Stars Football Pitch & Play Set

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PRODUCT: Character Building Sports Stars Football Pitch & Play Set ( )Character Building Sports Stars Football Pitch and Play Set

DESCRIPTION: A plastic table-top football game with constructable design. Includes 24 x connecting pitch pieces, 3 x mystery player microfigures, 8 x slider bases, 2 x goal posts, 2 x goal nets, 4 x corner flags with bases, 2 x goalkeeper bases, 1 x football and instructions. Pitch dimensions are 51cm x 38cm. The microfigures are fully licensed to feature key players from English Premier Leagues top teams including Manchester United, Liverpool F.C., Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea F.C. and Arsenal F.C. Suitable for ages 5 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The pitch requires assembly prior to use which is suitable for your child to join in with - the accompanying leaflet gives a diagrammed guide to all aspects of setting up and using the game. The plastic pitch comes in twenty four pieces with overlapping edges which fit together similar to LEGO. The two football nets fold round into the goal posts and are attached to each end of the pitch, and the four flags slot into stands which fix to each corner. Each of the players  comes in three pieces which need to be assembled, following which the figures fit into individual weighted bases ready for play - note that goal keepers attach to long hand-held stands which allow them to be moved backwards and forwards from the goal as required.

GOOD POINTS: The largely anticipated Sports Stars Football Pitch & Play Set from Character will certainly not disappoint collectors and footie-mad children, and provides a portable and compact table-top game whereby kids can create their very own fantasy football league with friends and family. What's more, everyone is catered for with a range of Premiership football teams and faces featured including Manchester United, Liverpool F.C., Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea F.C. and Arsenal F.C.

Character Building Sports Stars Football Pitch and Play SetUnlike other such table-top football games which use ready-made material mats, the Pitch & Play Set contains a smooth plastic pitch which comes in many separate pieces for your child to enjoy constructing into a brilliant playing surface, complete with all the white line markings of a real football pitch including the centre circle, side and goal lines, the four corners, and the six and eighteen yard boxes

The pitch pieces fit together brilliantly using a LEGO-type design that children will love, and are very unlikely to come apart once play begins, while still being easy to dismantle once play has finished. The pitch is a decent size once constructed, and has a surprisingly robust and substantial feel to it which allows for level and accurate movement across the surface, even if playing on carpet. There are of course the usual goal nets, corner flags and the all important football included to add the finishing requirements ready for play. 

The game comes with only three football microfigures so your child will need to purchase additional figures or combine with friends if they want a decent 5-a-side game. The microfigures included are random so you won't know who you've got until you open the box, but all the figures are representative of key players from English Premier League teams. 

These fun 3D figures are fully articulated and have wonderful head to toe detailing, in particular the facial features are superbly sculpted to give them a real likeness to the players they are based on. In addition, they come in a mix of home and away coloured kits (2012-2013 edition), complete with sponsor name on the front, and squad number and name on the back! 

Each player has his own round chunky weighted base (and there are several spare bases provided should your child wish to add to their collection), while  the goalkeeper on each side fits to a long playing handle that enables your child to operate them from under the back of the goal net - so as the ball nears the goal, the keeper can be moved easily from side to side as well as back and forth to deflect any incoming shots.

To play, the players must be moved around the pitch manually by flicking them at the mini football in order to pass and dribble the ball towards their goal. Both attacking and defending moves are possible as the game moves up and down the pitch, and the accompanying instructions leaflet clearly details all permitted playing actions, goal shots, fouls and free kicks.

In our opinion, the Sports Stars Football Pitch & Play Set is a reasonably priced and well designed game which is great fun for children of all ages to both build and play, and with so many microfigure players and teams available to collect they'll never be short of action on the pitch!

BAD POINTS: Includes ten player bases but only three figures so you will need to buy additional players for a five-a-side game. This is not a game your child can play on their own. The product does not have any barriers round the edges to stop the ball rolling off the table. No spare footballs are included. It may take younger children a while to get to grips with the game rules. The team players will need to be updated regularly to reflect real life team changes.

PRICE: £19.99


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