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Clementoni Crystal Laboratory

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Clementoni Crystal Lab

PRODUCT: Clementoni Crystal Laboratory (

DESCRIPTION: A chemistry set for cultivating real crystals. Contains protective gloves and goggles, pipettes, spatula, tweezers, microspatula spoon, 6 x measuring beakers, rock fragments, brush, plaster of Paris, poster paints, test tube safety key, 10 x sachets of alum, 10 x colouring tablets, 7 x test tubes, small bowl and mould. Instructions included. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Crystal Laboratory set from Clementoni is perfect for stimulating your child's interest in science. Perfect for young budding scientists, this chemistry set is designed for slightly older children to use, and contains everything they need to enable them to grow their very own crystals, in an array of different shapes, sizes and colours.

The set comes with a substantial amount of equipment, some of which your child may have seen or used at school already. The accompanying user manual is brilliantly written and presented, and is packed full of educational information about crystals, colour pictures, and of course step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, on creating different shaped and coloured crystals and geodes. There is even a handy notes section at the back for your child to record a few important facts or records.

Safety instructions are also provided, in the booklet and it is recommended that your child is supervised at all times by an adult. A pair of safety goggles and protective gloves are included and must be worn when carrying out any of the experiments.

The process of growing the crystals is fairly simply, although will take a good number of hours to form in the crystal solution, so your child will need some patience! Once formed, the crystals can be carefully coloured, dried and then displayed in the test tubes provided, or glued inside the geodes.

In our opinion, this is a fantastically educational and fun set to engage young enquiring minds, with some beautifully sparkling end products that any Mum will love!

BAD POINTS: Quite pricey!

PRICE: £27.99

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