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Drumond Park Foooz Pro Match Set

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PRODUCT: Drumond Park Foooz Pro Match Set ( )Drumond Park Foooz Pro Match Set

DESCRIPTION: A 2+ player pocket sized table-top football game which requires no pitch. Includes 2 x free-standing Foooz figures, 2 x goals, 4 x goal card holders, 2 x balls, 2 x 'click-on' boots, 1 x hang-up target card, 2 x sticker sheets, 8 x skills cards and instructions. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Foooz is a brilliant and exciting little portable football game which will appeal to any young fans of 'the beautiful game' and is perfect for playing anyplace, anytime, anywhere!

The game is an extension of the popular Foosball table football game, but with some unique differences. Firstly, it is compact and takes up little space in comparison to standard table football sets; secondly, it requires no pitch, just a flat surface; and thirdly, it is a fraction of the price!  

Foooz is designed for super quick set-up and comes with diagrammed instructions for assembly and play. The set includes two unique Foootz football figures, complete with colour coordinated 'strips' including a shirt that can be customised by your child using the little sheets of stickers provided (e.g. player numbers and club badges etc).

The figures are plastic and free-standing on their bases, with wonderful hair and facial detail, and two oversized arms which stick out either side. These arms form the handles for your child to control the figures, and one is static while the other rotates to enable your child to easily manoeuvre and flick the figures in their hands (note also that each player can be reversed to enable left-handed as well as right-handed play). In addition, each figure has a clip-on curved 'boot' which fits to the front of the base and aids chipping and other tactical moves.

Of course, the set would not be complete without two free-standing plastic goals (the goal sides simply attach to the main goal frame) and two high-impact foam footballs to score into the back of the net!

In addition, each figure comes with four collectible randomly-packed (numbered) cards, which can be used as competitive challenges to test player's football skills by providing illustrated tricks and moves which your child must make their Foooz figures perform.

Each goal also includes two blue clips which slot into the top of the goal and which the cards can be fastened to for some great target practice. Furthermore, a separate removable target card hangs up in the goal and has cut-out openings which represent different scores - the idea being that players try and obtain maximum points by accurately kicking the ball through the holes.

The great thing about this game is that it lends itself to individual practice as well as competitive play with friends and family, and not just one-on-one but multiple Foooz play for team or knockout matches. What's more, there is plenty of extra fun to be had by setting up customised 'training grounds' using everyday household objects as obstacles!

In our opinion, Foooz is an incredibly versatile take on a very popular football game, with plenty of fun play options and a brilliantly portable and well thought out design to enable football-mad kids to never be far from a few practise shots!

BAD POINTS: Only two players are included per set, and to maximise playability you really need to purchase extra Foooz figures.

PRICE: £19.99


Available from Amazonalt and Argos 


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