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Jakks Pacific Max Force Blowgun-35

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PRODUCT: Jakks Pacific Max Force Blowgun-35 ( Max Force Blowgun

DESCRIPTION: A high performance blow gun with a target range of up to 35 feet (10 metres). Includes 60 soft splat paper pellets, mission glasses, detachable barrel and ammo soaker bag. Suitable for children aged 8 years and upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Max Force Blowgun-35 is one in the latest range of toy shooters that will appeal to boys in particular who want a game of tag with a difference!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor play, the blow gun comes with everything your child will need for some great stealth attacks. The gun itself includes a grey mouthpiece to 'fire' through, a folding sight to help accurately line up the target, a removable loading cartridge, and a detachable barrel extension to aid portability. In addition, the set comes with a pair of cool mission glasses and a load of unique aerodynamically shaped white paper ammo, as well as a special bag for soaking the ammo with water prior to use.

The blow gun is really easy to use but the accompanying instructions give a good step-by-step guide for your child to follow, including a troubleshooting section. The barrel extension simply needs to be attached to the barrel connector, and the loading cartridge removed via the little grey release lever on the side.

Jakks Max Force BlowgunThere are two ways to load the paper pellets either by 1) inserting them into the chambers of the cartridge dry and then running water over the whole cartridge to saturate them; or 2) soaking the pellets in the special ammo soaker bag and then inserting them wet into the chambers. Either way, the act of soaking the pellets transforms them into soft ammunition that keeps its shape in flight, and then splats on impact and sticks to the target for safe, visible, removable and non-staining tagging!

The cartridge can hold up to six pellets at a time, and a good feature of the gun is that it will not fire if the ammo is not properly soaked. In addition, an 'advancing' trigger on the underside of the gun enables the cartridge to be advanced round to the next 'round', meaning your child can shoot six pellets before having to reload. What's more, the blow gun has a fantastic target range of up to thirty-five feet, great for those with puff!

The Blowgun-35 is a great boys toy for older children who want the ultimate combat adventure, and makes the perfect gift or stocking filler.

BAD POINTS: There are only sixty soft splat pellets included with the gun which will not last long with frequent use, so additional ammo will soon need to be purchased separately.

PRICE: Approx. £9.99


Available from Amazon: Max Force Blow Gun 35


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