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John Adams Mega Construction – Mega Blaster

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PRODUCT: John Adams Mega Construction – Mega Blaster Workshop ( Adams Mega Blaster Workshop

DESCRIPTION: A novel construction toy set that includes all of the tools and materials to build your own working Mega Blaster gun and ammo. The kit contains a plastic saw, mitre block, foam cutters, ruler, foam injector tool, main gun components (grip and missile holder), card pieces, missile caps, a variety of foam tubes and a detailed set of instructions supported by an online video. Suitable for children aged 7 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The kit includes full instructions which detail the correct pathway to assemble the model, showing step by step drawings that are additionally supported by online videos. Construction is a simple process of measuring and cutting tubes to the correct lengths and using the included hole cutters to cut holes in the foam tubes allowing the tubes to be jointed in a push fit manner. The overall model has supporting pieces made of strong card with the main components made from plastic to ensure that models last through the rigours of subsequent play.

Obviously once the model has been assembled, the tools can be used with standard foam tubing to produce homemade models which allows for future engineering projects.

GOOD POINTS: The Mega Construction kits are brilliantly designed to develop the skills of budding engineers in a relatively safe way using plastic tools for cutting the foam components and card pieces to prevent any chance of injury making it a safe choice for any parent wanting to develop their child’s DIY skills!

Due to the fact that the model has to be built and then is a functional Mega Blaster, it is essentially two toys for the price of one, with an additional bonus being the tools that can be used for future projects.

The finished product for the Mega Blaster kit, whilst not a fully blown Nerf gun, looks the part at one meter long and actually works, allowing for shooting of any suitable 'targets' whenever the opportunity might arise!

This is a great tool to fuel any child’s imagination providing aspects of both traditional construction sets but also a fully-fledged finished toy to play with when complete and in my opinion an excellent addition to any Christmas list.

Bad Points: None that we can think of, although as with most construction kits, some adult supervision will generally be required. Over extended play due to the construction materials used, the foam components may wear out, however there is nothing to stop components being replaced!

PRICE: £34.99


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