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John Adams Total Action Football Championship Edition

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PRODUCT: John Adams Total Action Football Championship Edition ( Adams Total Action Football Championship Edition

DESCRIPTION: A 2-4 player football tabletop game providing magnetic action, with each player able to pass, trap or shoot the ball. Contents include 22 x football players, 1 x playing mat pitch (70cm x 95cm), 2 x goals, 10 x barriers, 1 x free kick ramp, 1 x corner ramp, 4 x corner flags, 2 x magnetic footballs, 1 x sticker sheet, 1 x mini Championship cup and instructions. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The pitch is very easy to assemble and the accompanying leaflet gives a diagrammed guide to all aspects of setting up and using the game. The cloth pitch simply unfolds and the barriers attach around the side of the pitch using the plug fastenings provided – these are attached from the underside and feed through designated eyelets in the mat up into corresponding holes in the barriers. Special goal pieces fit in at each end of the pitch, complete with goal nets. Each of the players, with the exception of the goalkeepers, fits onto their own spring-loaded base ready for play, while the two keepers are attached to long hand-held stands which allow them to be moved backwards and forwards from the goal as required.

GOOD POINTS: In celebrating the European Football Championships 2012, football fans will most definitely not be disappointed by the Total Action Football game, complete with an intuitive player control system and all the design features of a real football game!

Similar in style to Subbuteo, the game consists of a good sized, good quality green material mat with the pitch clearly marked out in white to resemble a real football pitch, including the centre circle, side and goal lines, the four corners, and the six and eighteen yard boxes. Barriers around the outside of the mat keep the pitch stretched out and smooth, as well as handily stopping the ball from rolling off the table! There are even four white corner flags and sticker detailing to add to the barriers.

John Adams Total Action Football Championship EditionThere are twenty-two football players included - eleven to a side - decked out in (numbered) national side colours (white or red) and with wonderful attention to detail from head to toe. 

The players must be moved around the pitch manually, but each has its own weighted magnetic base which the magnetic football sticks to as it gets close and makes it easy for them to 'run' with (a spare football is also included). Kicking, passing and shooting is also fun and easy by simply pushing down on the head, which compresses the spring mechanism on the base and releases the ball from the player. Both attacking and defending moves are possible as the game moves up and down the pitch, and all permitted techniques (as well as fouls) are detailed in the user leaflet. 

One player from each side (the Power Striker) has a special larger base which allows them to unleash hi-speed strikes as well as low speed kicks. The goalkeeper on each side (Diving Keeper) also has their own stand which comes with a long handle that enables your child to operate them from behind the goal net; that is, as the ball nears the goal, the keeper can be moved easily from side to side and back and forth to deflect any incoming shots. In addition, the stand can be tilted or lowered as required to delivery both high and low throws by the keeper.

Furthermore, the game includes a useful free kick ramp (which the designated Freekick Taker attaches to) as well as a corner ramp (which any of the players can be attached to), both of which are designed to give some height to the player's kick as they aim for goal! A bonus accessory is the all-important Championship Cup which the winning side can proudly claim at the end of play!

In our opinion, Total Action Football is a fantastically fun and action-packed tabletop football game for footie fans, with a really durable and effective play design that provides some wonderful flowing moves between the players - great stuff from John Adams!

BAD POINTS: Any ridges or ruts on the table will show up through the material mat and impact play. No spare players are included. It may take younger children a while to get to grips with the game techniques. 

PRICE: Approx. £24.99

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