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LEGO Hero Factory Drilldozer

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PRODUCT:  LEGO Hero Factory Drilldozer ( Hero Factor Drilldozer

DESCRIPTION:  One of the villains in a set of buildable figures from the LEGO Hero Factory construction range. Features include turbine-powered drill, hand-held claw, armour plating, and shoulder-mounted lava sphere shooter. Contains 61 pieces, plus instructions. Figure stands over 8' (21cm) tall. Suitable for children aged 7 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS:  Hero Factory is another great range from LEGO that will mostly appeal to young boys, and is a galactic world of robots, within which your child can absorb themselves with endless fantasy play.

Situated in Makuhero City, the Hero Factory designs, builds and dispatches robot heroes to fight villains (one of which is Drilldozer), solve crises and restore peace across the galaxy. However some fire villains have attacked Tanker Station 22 in an attempt to siphon the Hero Pod fuel that keeps the Hero Factory mobile throughout the galaxy!

The set includes an interesting and generous array of pieces (more than 60 in total), which allow you to build various parts of Drilldozer. Unlike standard LEGO, this is verging on LEGO Bionicle, with all the pieces fitting together using ball-joint connectors and snap-on components (mainly for the armour detailing).

LEGO Hero Factory DrilldozerDrilldozer, like the other characters in the range, has a unique appearance, and comes with several different weapons, including his heavy duty drill, his hand claw, and a firing sphere shooter which is easily operated by compressing the shooter arm. Drilldozer's mask is also reversible, with Fire Lord's face on the back of his own.

Drilldozer, along with all the other villains and heroes of the LEGO Hero Factory range, have their own personal strengths and weaknesses which have been well thought out to enhance their game play value (for excellent detailing of this go to

As with all LEGO products, the pieces are well made and appear durable. The colour scheme is a striking grey, black and red design, and the pieces have excellent detailing, consistent with their bad-guy image (i.e. the flame effects and red-hot spikes). The completed figure is articulated and easily posable, which is great for both playing and displaying!

In our opinion, this is excellent value for money, and will provide any Hero Factor fan hours of play through imaginary battle...this is definitely one for the boys (and dads too!).

BAD POINTS:  You will need to purchase several if you want a full-scale battle!

PRICE:  £9.99


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