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LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

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PRODUCT: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar ( Star Wars Advent Calendar

DESCRIPTION: A Christmas advent calendar based on LEGO Star Wars, containing 24 windows revealing non-edible buildable gifts including minifigures, vehicles and accessories from the LEGO Star Wars universe. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're looking for an advent calendar with a difference, then the all new LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is simply fantastic!

Perfect for all those Star Wars fanatics out there, this advent calendar provides a daily dose of buildable Star Wars gifts that young children and collectors alike will love!

These gifts include nine LEGO minifigures, featuring Pilot Battle Droid, Clone Pilot, Chewbacca, Nute Gunray, Zev Senesca, R2-Q5, Mouse Droid, a TIE Pilot, and an exclusive festive version of Yoda that is not otherwise available. The calendar also contains twelve vehicles, including Republic Gunship, TIE Fighter, Boba Fett's Slave I, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, A-Wing Starfighter, Imperial Shuttle, Y-wing, Snowspeeder, Homing Spider Droid, Republic Cruiser, and a Dwarf Spider Droid. In addition, there are a further three accessories, including a tools rack (including tools), weapons rack (including weapons) and a Christmas Tree (including decorations)! All are of the usual high-standard LEGO quality, with wonderful detailing.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

The calendar is nicely boxed, with some of the main figures and vehicles enticingly embossed on the front flap of the packaging. This flap opens to display a detailed and colourful glossy Star Wars battle scene with twenty-four numbered advent windows counting through the days to Christmas Day. The box can be stood upright on display, with the inside of the front flap doubling as a play stand!

Behind each window, your child will find a small packet containing a number of parts which they must build to reveal any one of the Star Wars figures, vehicles or accessories mentioned above. And there's no opportunity for any sneaky peaking through other windows as each has a perforated edge! On the back of each window is a picture of the model to be built, usefully showing how the pieces should be fitted together.

This is, in our opinion, a wonderfully innovative advent calendar, and a really fun and unique way for young children to count down (and construct) their way to Christmas!

BAD POINTS: The calendar is fairly pricey. There are lots of small parts which could get lost over time. Children at the lower end of the recommended age range will require some assistance with construction.

PRICE: Approx. £24.99


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