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LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

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PRODUCT: LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship ( Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

DESCRIPTION: A 389-piece LEGO construction set from the Star Wars range. Includes buildable assault gunship with rotating twin engines, opening cockpit, laser cannons, prison cell, 4 x exclusive minifigure LEGO Star Wars characters, secret chamber and Holocron, stickers and instructions. Dimensions of assault gunship are approx. 11" (30cm) wide, 10" (25cm) long and 6" (15cm) tall. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship is a fantastic construction set for any fan (or collector) of LEGO Star Wars.

The set is based around the Clone Wars, where bounty hunters are intent on capturing the Jedi Knights in their Assault Gunship!

To maximise its playability, the set comes with not one but four bounty hunter minifigures to carry out their mission...Sugi, Aurra Sing, Embo and IG-86 assassin droid. These exclusive minifigures have the usual high standard of detail in their bad-guy costumes, hair pieces and facial features. In addition, each of the bounty hunters has their own weapon: Embo has a crossbow, Aurra Sing has two pistols, Sugi has a knive and a blaster, and the Assassin Droid has a large blaster rifle!

Lego Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault GunshipThe set includes a large number of small LEGO pieces for the main gunship build. All the separate parts and accessories (including the minigures which must also be assembled) come in numbered bags which correspond to the accompanying instructions. The instructions booklet has full and detailed step-by-step diagrams that clearly guide your child through constructing the model.

The set is really fun to build, and the result is an impressive looking and nicely engineered gunship, in striking green and yellow colours, which is packed full of laser cannons and great interactive features for your child to incorporate into their Star Wars adventures. For instance, pulling back on the tail rotates the two turbine engines round from a horizontal 'flying' mode to a vertical 'landing' mode, which also allows the gunship to support itself. This also reveals a special secret boxed compartment (with printed lid) for storing the stolen Jedi Holocron (also included). The main cockpit has an opening roof (with weapons store) which reveals the pilot's seat and controls, and also houses a lower storey prison cell, complete with a flip-up rear door and cell bars! Panels on each side cleverly swing open for easy access to both the pilot and Jedi prisoner (once he's captured!).

In all, a brilliant building set with great attention to detail that will provide endless play value!

BAD POINTS: The set is quite expensive, but does include lots of pieces. The prison cell is quite small and the cockpit can only hold one bounty hunter. As with any such type of product, there are many tiny parts which are prone to being lost over time.

PRICE: £40.99

Available from Amazon, Boots, Toys R Us and Argos

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