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LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase

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PRODUCT: LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase ( )LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile

DESCRIPTION: A 531-piece construction set from the LEGO Super Heroes range. Includes buildable Batmobile and Two-Face's car, both with dual flick missiles, buildable bank with break-in function, opening safe, dynamite and dollar bills, plus five minifigures, sticker sheet, accessories, instructions and a comic book. Bank measures over 3” (9cm) tall, Batmobile measures over 9” (23cm) long and Two-Face’s car measures over 4” (12cm) long. Suitable for children aged 7 years upwards. 

GOOD POINTS: Now I've always been a big fan of LEGO, but I never cease to be amazed by the brilliance and level of detail which goes into their construction sets. Super Heroes is just one of their wonderful themes which boasts an impressive collection, not least The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase set that will certainly appeal not only to loyal LEGO collectors, but also to fans (young and old) of the Batman franchise.

The set consists of a sufficiently large number of LEGO pieces to keep your child fully occupied constructing a brilliant action-packed hero-versus-villain play scene. In this particular adventure, evil Two-Face and his crew have exploded open the bank to make off with the safe - now Batman must take down the crooks in his Batmobile and return order to Gotham City!

LEGO Batman

The multiple parts and pieces come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and are divided up into four numbered bags to assist with assembly. The accompanying two instruction manuals are very easy for children to follow, and contain clear step-by-step diagrams for every stage of the build. A fun sheet of stickers are also included to add extra detailing, along with a really generous number of fantastic character minifigures, including Batman, Two-Face, two evil henchmen and a bank guard.

These figures are really impressive, with superb distinctive facial and torso detailing, along with some great body accessories including hats for the henchmen and guard, Batman's mask and cape, and Two-Face's distinctive hair piece! Batman's face is also double sided, showing alternative expressions to suit play, and each of the characters has his own accessories, including handcuffs and walkie-talkie, crowbar, crossbow and double-headed coin!

All the separate constructions in the set are great fun to build. The Batmobile is an excellent size, brilliantly designed with large sturdy yellow rolling wheels (complete with tyre treads) and superb striking exterior detailing that makes it instantly recognisable as Batman's most famous vehicle. Notable are the flame effect exhausts, batwing shaped spoilers and contrasting red interior seating with opening cockpit 'shield' to enable Batman to sit enclosed inside the vehicle. The Batmobile also has two fun flick fire missiles located just behind the cockpit, which, as the name suggests, are fired out of their holding place by being flicked. 

Two-Face's car, or rather truck, is just as impressively decked out, with its bright orange and purpleLEGO Two-Face colour scheme (coordinated with Two-Face himself), chunky wheels, front grills, wing mirrors and search lights. The truck has some great features, including a brilliant little machine gun-style turret and, like the Batmobile, dual flick fire missiles. In addition, the back of the truck houses a neat lifting crane which can be raised and lowered, complete with hook to attach to the safe, steering lever and seat for one of the minifigures to be positioned.

The bank is small but packed full of detail, with open access at the back for increased playability. Lovely little authentic features include the frontage with the 'Bank' sign and lighting above the door, the windows on the roof, the till, and of course the heavy green safe with wheel lock, combination dial and opening door to access the three $100 bank notes inside. The fantastic bonus feature of the bank is its break-in function, whereby a lever on the side 'blasts' the front window out to enable Two-Face to grab the safe using his crane. The stick of dynamite adds a nice touch!

In our opinion, the Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase construction set is simply fantastic, with great interactive features, great minifigures and great props for some epic super hero street battles. As usual, finding any major faults with the set is virtually impossible! 

BAD POINTS: The set is quite expensive, however you do get good quality for your money! Two-Face's truck can only seat two minifigures. The baddies are not equipped with weapons. The sticker detailing may get rubbed off over time. As with any such type of product, there are many tiny parts which are prone to being lost over time.

PRICE: £49.99


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