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Spin Master Air Hogs Fly Crane

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Air Hogs Fly Crane ( )Spin Master Air Hogs Fly Crane

DESCRIPTION: An indoor remote controlled toy helicopter which can pick up, transport and drop off objects. Features include Steady Fly™ Technology, an extendible and retractable grapple hook, 3 x looped baskets, and 1 x RC controller/charger. Instructions included. Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 10 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Air Hogs Fly Crane is another great remote controlled toy from Spin Master, and its detailed body design and high-tech features make it more suited to older children, with particular appeal among boys. 

The toy is a brightly coloured helicopter, made from a superbly lightweight plastic with some great detailing to give it an authentic design, complete with duel propellers, landing skids and tail rotor.

The helicopter is operated via a two-handed two-channel infrared remote controller, which has a simple operating system that older children can use without problem, including a throttle lever (rotor speed) and steering lever (left and right turn), as well as a trim adjuster (for on-the-level flying). 

In addition, the remote controller has a large red 'crane' button on one end which deploys a winch on the underside of the helicopter, complete with a great little working grapple hook attachment. Touching the button once lowers the winch towards the ground, pressing it again retracts it. The helicopter also includes not one, but three basket loops - these are simply baskets with looped handles which, with patience, practise and trimming, can be picked up mid-flight using the grapple hook to transport 'cargo' (although they cannot take much additional weight due to the lightweight design of the helicopter).

Spin Master Air Hogs Fly CraneThe controller uses six AA batteries (a screwdriver will be required for replacement) and the helicopter recharges from the controller via a connector which is stored, when not in use, in a handy concealed compartment on the front of the controller (with flip-up lid). There is a corresponding on-off-charge button on the controller to activate charging. Note that the helicopter uses a LiPo rechargeable battery that cannot be replaced, and will fly for at least 10 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Such a sophisticated model certainly requires some practise to successfully master its full capabilities, although it can endure a certain amount of crashes into furniture and walls along the way! In addition, the accompanying instructions sheet provides a helpful guide to all aspects of flying the helicopter, along with a good troubleshooting section.

Once mastered, the helicopter is great to operate thanks to a very responsive throttle, and during flight, it is very stable and automatically moves forward at a slow but steady pace. Its dual rotors contribute to its stability, along with its Steady Fly Technology, a built-in software which automatically helps to balance the helicopter by adjusting the rotor rotation. 

In our opinion, this is a uniquely fun and very technically advanced toy to test the skill and patience of older children and keep them entertained for hours!

BAD POINTS: The toy is battery operated and batteries must be purchased separately (although rechargeable batteries can be used). A certain amount of practise will be required by young children to master the art of flying the helicopter and picking up the baskets. The helicopter cannot go backwards. Due to its lightweight plastic design, the helicopter requires much handling with care. The infrared remote control means that if an object is blocking the controller, it won't be able to transmit the signal to the helicopter.

PRICE: £39.99


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