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Spin Master Air Hogs R/C Hawk Eye

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Air Hogs R/C Hawk Eye Helicopter ( Master Air Hogs Hawk Eye

DESCRIPTION: A remote controlled video camera helicopter that can take hundreds of pictures (320 x 240 pixels at full colour) and capture 5 minutes of video (640 x 480 pixels at full colour) while it flies. Images and footage can be viewed and edited on your PC. Features include 4 way flight control and Steady-Fly Technology. Includes Hawk Eye helicopter with built in video camera, controller/charger, USB cable and instructions. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Remote control required 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Available in black, red and silver. Dimensions are 26 x 23 x 14cm, weight 0.47kg. Suitable for children aged 12 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Hawk Eye remote controlled helicopter is just one in a range of fantastic Air Hogs RC toys, and has some amazing features that (older) boys in particular will love.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the helicopter is certainly a smart looking little machine with lots of great detailing, as well as a power/charge switch, dual rotor design and landing gear. It is light in weight, and delicate and compact in size for ease of flying, yet it has a durable polystyrene outer shell that will endure knocks, bangs...and crashes!

Spin Master Air Hogs Hawk Eye If radio controlled operation wasn't appealing enough, the helicopter has a fully functioning camera built into the front which enables it to take up to five minutes of full colour digital video footage or capture hundreds of full colour photos as it flies through the air. A multi-directional flight control allows it to be piloted up, down, left and right, and it is easy and precise to fly thanks to advanced Steady-Fly Technology. What's more, once your child has taken their pictures or video, the helicopter can be hooked up to a standard computer through the controller, so that the images or footage can be downloaded.

The remote control pad contains a number of controls, including a power switch, a trimmer, a direction lever, a throttle lever, a start/stop video caption button and a picture caption button, as well as a clever docking port that the helicopter sits on ready for connection to a PC.

Setting up this connection is very easy using the USB cord supplied, which simply slots in at one end to the controller and at the other to the computer. Once the computer detects the Hawk Eye it will recognise it as a drive, with no additional software required. This not only allows your child to instantly view, copy and share their pictures and/or video, but also enables them to edit them with cool sounds, images and words using a unique Air Hogs editing platform at Furthermore, all the time the helicopter is hooked up to the computer on the docking port, its battery is being charged up. Note that LED lights on both the helicopter and the controller indicate when battery charge is low.

The accompanying instructions are incredibly detailed and give lots of helpful information (with diagrams) on all aspects of using the helicopter, including a good troubleshooting section.

This really is a revolutionary toy, with great design and performance, and will have a huge wow factor among boys...just make sure dad doesn't hog the controller!

BAD POINTS: The Hawk Eye does not record sound, and only has 4-5 minutes of flight time for every 35-55 minutes of charge.

PRICE: Approx. £65


Available from Amazon: Air Hogs Hawk Eye


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