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Spin Master Gomu Erasers (Series 1)

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Gomu Erasers (Series 1) ( Erasers

DESCRIPTION: A range of 100+ collectible puzzle erasers, arranged under 10 different themes, each with a different Gomu point value. Gomu are available in single foil packs, triple packs and six packs, with mini collector guide included. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Welcome to Gomu Eraserland....the first in an incredibly cute, colourful and collectible series of erasers that will have massive appeal among young children and school playgrounds!

The range includes well over one hundred miniature rubbers, each shaped into a colourful, detailed and very recognisable item that falls within one of ten different themes: Pet, Surf, Zoo, Fashion, Ocean, Beauty, Home, Gadgets, School and Music. There is something to appeal to everyone, including drum kits, surfboards, shoes, hairbrushes, record players, lipsticks, lava lamps, alarm clocks and elephants to name just a few.

Each eraser comes in three different colours and has been cleverly designed to come apart, so that various components of the eraser can be mixed and matched to create endless customisations. In addition, each eraser has its own Gomu point value, called a G-score. The higher the score, the more rare (and highly sought after) the eraser is, with the silver and gold keys having the most points but very limited availability. No single eraser has the same point score.

Gomu ErasersThe Gomu erasers can be bought singly or in packs of three or six. The single figures are purchased in a sealed foil bag, which means your child won't know which one they have until they've bought it. The multiple packs also contain 'mystery' erasers - one mystery eraser in every triple pack and two mystery erasers in every six pack. This adds to the fun and excitement of collecting, as any repeats that your child acquires can be swapped and traded with friends for different or rarer ones. Each pack also includes a mini collector's leaflet so that your child can keep track of their overall score and also the erasers they still need to obtain.

In our opinion, this is a wonderfully addictive set of collectible erasers that are as cute as they are cool, and their detailed designs and mix and match features are likely to have huge collector appeal among boys and girls out too for further series!

BAD POINTS: Due to the fact that some Gomu Eraser packs are bought 'blind', it may become quite expensive for young collectors who are intent on completing the set, particularly if they are unable to trade with others. The erasers also contain some small parts which may easily be lost over time.

PRICE: Between £0.99 - £15.99 dependent on the pack size.


Available from Amazon and Toys R Us


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