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Spin Master Mighty Beanz Star Wars Millennium Falcon Collector Case

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Mighty Beanz Star Wars Millennium Falcon Collector CaseSpin Master Star Wars Millenium Falcon Collector Case (

DESCRIPTION: A plastic collector's case which is a replica of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon and is designed to hold 40 Mighty Beanz. Includes two exclusive Star Wars Mighty Beanz. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you're a fan of Mighty Beanz, and in particular the Mighty Beanz Star Wars collection, then you'll love the Millenium Falcon Collector Case!

The case is a really good sized and good quality plastic replica of the iconic Millenium Falcon spaceship Star Wars Mighty Beanzfrom the popular Star Wars films.

The spaceship comes complete with transparent cockpit and great outer detailing, and has four fastenings around the outside that unclip easily to lift the lid completely off.

The collector case can hold a maximum of forty Mighty Beanz, each of which fits very snuggly and securely into pre-moulded plastic compartments - nineteen in the lid and twenty-one in the base (including the cockpit). This compartmentalised moulding isStar Wars Mighty Beanz well secured to the outer casing to prevent it from lifting every time the beans are removed.

The case even comes with two exclusive Star Wars character beans, Han Solo (87) and Chewbacca (88), which cannot be obtained by any other means.

The Millennium Falcon Collector Case really is a fun and unique way for children (and parents) to store and display their limited edition Mighty Beanz Star Wars collection...a definite must-have accessory for Mighty Beanz, and Star Wars, collectors everywhere.

BAD POINTS: The lid is not hinged, and the interior compartments are not solid plastic and therefore may become damaged or misshapen over time.

PRICE: Approx. £17.99


Available from Amazon and Argos


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