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Spin Master Umagine Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

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PRODUCT: Spin Master Umagine Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab ( )Spin Master Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

DESCRIPTION: A lab set with a zombie theme, containing everything required for children to make their own edible treats. Set contains zombie head, brain, gear base and posts, tweezers, food injector, worm mould, monocle mould, stir-stick/scoop, measuring cup, 5 x food pouches, and instructions. The food pouches consist of 1 x Brain Candy Mix (24g), 1 x Brain Activator Candy Mix (30g) 1 x Bug Candy Mix (60g), 1 x Barf Drink Mix Part 1 (45g) and 1 x Barf Drink Mix Part 2 (55g). Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: On first impressions I had my doubts about Doctor Dreadful's Zombie Lab, if only from the rather gory pictures on the packaging! However experience soon led me to the conclusion that really this set will be many a child's (and particularly boy's) idea of heaven, and I must confess on closer examination I was pleasantly surprised by the whole concept to the point of wanting a go myself!

The Zombie Lab is just one in a range of Doctor Dreadful products where your child can have great fun making some wonderfully (in their words) 'gross' looking experimental creations which they can then actually eat...yes you read correctly, the set contains an assortment of candy making kits which allows your child to prepare an array of edible bugs, zombie barf and bubbling brains to offer round!

The set contains a number of parts which need some simple and quick assembly prior to use in order to construct a large green plastic zombie head (where all the 'experiments' are performed), complete with opening jaw, exposed brain, missing nose and bloodshot eye - sounds gruesome but is not over-the-top scary and very appealing to kids! A instruction leaflet is provided which gives an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to assembling the head, and no tools are required. The set also comes with two snap on moulds (spider eye and forehead bug) and accessories including a measuring cup and scoop (for preparing the ingredients), as well as tweezers and a syringe, both of which have their own designated stand-up slots in the base of the head for easy access.

Spin Master Doctor Dreadful Zombie LabFive packets of powder mixes are included for making four different candy creations, each packet clearly labelled so you know which packet is to be used with which zombie experiment, and the nutritional facts and best before dates are clearly marked on the external packaging for you to check before you buy. Each experiment is clearly detailed in the accompanying instructions (with troubleshooting section included), and as well as being great fun to do, they produce some effective and surprisingly edible (if a little sugary) results. Definitely an activity to supervise though if you don't want your child gorging themselves with sweets!

There is the 'Zombie Bug' experiment where your child can make two different bug-shaped candies by mixing up the candy powder with water (warm water is definitely recommended throughout for best results) and then injecting it using the syringe into the two spider and worm moulds on the face. These moulds can then be removed from the head and refrigerated for a few minutes until set.

The 'Bubbling Brains' experiment requires you to prepare and pour the relevant ingredients into the well in the top of the brain. Stirring the mix activates the zombie 'brains' to foam and spill out over the sides, ready to eat (no refrigeration required), although note that this experiment can get messy so ensure you use a placemat or tray to catch the excess.

In the final experiment, the 'Zombie Barf' experiment, the prepared drink mix ingredients are poured into the main brain compartment, while a second mix is prepared and left in the plastic measuring cup, and placed directly under the zombie head. Pressing down on the brain causes the zombie jaw to split open and the liquid from the brain shoots into the cup below to produce a truly revolting looking freshly brewed drink! Again this can be messy so ensure you're adequately prepared for any spillages.

In our opinion, this is a really unique and entertaining kit to keep young children fully entertained - perfect for some hands-on experimentation and some truly gross (but quite tasty) creations...try it if you dare!

BAD POINTS: None really, other than the washing and clearing up that comes with it (the parts are not able to be dishwashed).

PRICE: £24.99


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