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Trends UK Doctor Who Cybernetics

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PRODUCT: Trends UK Doctor Who Cybernetics ( UK Doctor Who Cybernetics

DESCRIPTION: A Doctor Who construction kit to build a wheeled Cyberman head unit, with three different upgrade modules to wire up: infrared control, object awareness and light sensitivity. Contains 1 x Cyberman head, 2 x ear handles, 5 x tentacle-like cables, base unit, wheels, motor, gearbox cover, screws, 3 x circuit modules and instruction manual. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Cybernetics set is one in a range of Doctor Who products from Trends UK, and is a truly fantastic electronic kit that will particularly appeal to boys, and indeed any young and old fans of the infamous steel suited robot Cybermen!

The product is unsurprisingly aimed at older children, and consists of a number of separate pieces for your child to construct a brilliantly authentic looking Cyberman head unit, complete with tenticle-like cables which (in the TV series) it can move itself around on when separated from its other body parts (a great little brief on the Cybermen is given in the accompanying manual)! This is not just great fun to build and play with, but also offers a wonderfully educational dimension in teaching kids about electronics, cybernetics and general scientific concepts.

The kit essentially contains a motorised base unit, to which your child can fit one of three circuit board modules, each of which responds to a different external stimulus to move the head along (on wheels). These include an 'infrared' module which enables the head to be operated by a TV or stereo remote control, a 'light sensitivity' module which moves the head in response to a light source, and an 'object awareness' module which makes the head reactive to obstacles. There are other bits of the head to construct too using the screws provided (where necessary), including the plastic ear handles, the motor and worm drive, the wheel/axle assembly, the gearbox cover, and of course the plastic face and tentacle-like cables.

The circuit boards come already soldered and simply require your child to wire them correctly into the base, along with the battery and motor wires, using the spring connectors. Only one circuit board can be installed at any one time, however the accompanying user manual gives detailed instructions on assembly, including diagrams showing how to wire each module up. Note that the circuit boards can be distinguished from each other via their coloured stickers. Each of the modules also has a white trim adjustment knob on the underside which can be rotated to alter the sensitivity of the circuit as required. Once everything is wired up, as soon as the motor is triggered by the relevant stimulus, the worm drive engages a gear on the axle and the head will start moving along.

In our opinion, this is a really innovative little kit to keep Doctor Who fans (young and old!) fully engrossed, not only in the construction but also in the subsequent playability of the product which enables yoiur child to act out scenes from their favourite television programme....great fun and perfect for stimulating some real interest in science and electronics.

BAD POINTS: Batteries are not included, and rechargeable batteries cannot be used. The wiring can be a little fiddly as there is often more than one wire going into a single spring connector. Parental help/supervision will still be required for children at the lower end of the recommended age range. The instructions manual could have included more detail about constructing the face and tenticles.

PRICE: £24.99


Available from Amazon, Boots and Argos


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