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Trends UK Doctor Who Silurian Crystal Lab

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PRODUCT: Trends UK Doctor Who Silurian Crystal Lab ( UK Doctor Who Silurian Crystal Lab

DESCRIPTION: A Doctor Who chemistry set for germinating and displaying 'Silurian' crystals. Contains glow-in-the-dark Silurian display pod, stirrer, green Silurian sludge (play dough), seed pebbles, tweezers, safety bubbles, measuring beaker with lid, 45g pot of Silurian Crystal Chemical Powder (Monoammonium Phosphate), plastic tray, magnifying glass, length of thread, stickers and instructions manual. Suitable for children aged 10 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Silurian Crystal Lab is another brilliant product from the Doctor Who range which will not only appeal to fans of the television series, but will also stimulate enquiring young minds and generate broader interest in chemistry and scientific techniques.

The chemistry set is designed for older children to use, and contains (almost) everything your child will need to grow their very own green Silurian crystals. There are a good number of pieces of equipment included - some of which your child will already be familiar with at school - and the accompanying user manual is written in a wonderfully fun but thorough way, covering fundamental properties of crystals as well as safety tips and an easy-to-follow experimental method, even offering additional instructions for growing your own salt crystals. It is recommended that your child is supervised at all times by an adult - a pair of safety goggles are included, to be worn throughout. A few additional supplies are needed which are not included with the set, however these are all things which can easily be found at home (e.g. water, use of a microwave/stove, a saucepan/kettle, pencil and paper towel).

The process of growing the crystals is fairly simply, requiring you to tie a string to one of the seed pebbles, immersing it in a beaker of crystal solution. After leaving it covered for up to twenty-four hours, a greeny-blue Silurian crystal should have formed. Once grown, the crystal can be carefully dried and then displayed (using play dough as a mount) in the unique little Silurian Pod, a clear plastic dome with a glow-in-the-dark base which helps show off the crystal at night. There are also some fun stickers included which can be used to decorate the pod, as well as your windows.

An additional great feature of the pod is that it has a double skin, i.e. there is a cavity between the two walls of the dome which can be filled with liquids for further experimentation (via a filling cap on the top of the dome). These extra activities are all fully detailed in the back of the manual, along with some space to make your own lab notes!

The Silurian Crystal Lab is in our opinion, an excellent kit for any Doctor Who fan or budding scientist, and comes well equipped to provide lots of entertainment as well as education...without your child even knowing it!

BAD POINTS: None that we can find!

PRICE: £22.99


Available from Amazon and Argos


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