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Trends UK National Geographic 50mm Astronomical Telescope

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PRODUCT: Trends UK National Geographic 50mm Astronomical Telescope ( UK National Geographic Telescope

DESCRIPTION: A children's astronomical telescope for looking into space. Features include an 18-180x magnification power range, a 360mm high quality tube, a 50mm two element coated achromatics lens, 2 x eyepieces (4mm and 20mm), a 2 X image erector, a 90° diagonal mirror and a tabletop aluminium tripod. Instructions manual included. Suitable for children aged 8 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The telescope comes in several pieces upon purchase which need assembling prior to use, however this is very quick and easy to do (parental assistance may be required) and the accompanying user manual offers clear and detailed instructions and diagrams. The three tripod legs need to be locked into place and the main telescope tube attached to the altazimuth mount (located on the top of the tripod) via the altitude and azimuth lock knobs. The diagonal mirror then needs to be inserted into the focus tube, and the chosen eyepiece in turn secured into the diagonal mirror. The telescope is now ready to use.

GOOD POINTS: For any budding star gazers out there, the National Geographic Astronomical Telescope makes a very reasonably priced starter set, and is perfect for children who want to find out more about the universe!

The telescope is black plastic and a great size for older children to manage and operate. It is very easy to set up (see above), and sits on a lightweight but stable little tripod which is designed to be positioned on a tabletop or surface to enable viewing to take place either inside and outside your home. Furthermore, an easy-to-view altazimuth mount enables both vertical and horizontal positioning and angling of the telescope.

The telescope comes with two different eyepieces which can be interchanged dependent on what is being viewed and what magnification is required - a separate focus knob can be adjusted until the 'object' in question comes clearly into view. A lower magnification power will give a wider field of view which will enable your child to observe galaxies and nebulae, while a higher magnification power will allow more detailed observations of bright entities such as the Moon and its craters, Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings.

In addition, the telescope is excellent for terrestrial observations of birds, animals, landscapes and other moving or static objects. To aid this 'land' application, a 2 X image erector is included which is attached where the diagonal mirror would normally sit, and allows signs, numbers and motion to be observed without being laterally reversed (similar to looking in a mirror). Please note that this lateral reversal occurs when using the diagonal mirror, although this is perfectly normal and not of any consequence for looking into space.

The instructions manual offers some really informative sections explaining magnification as well as help on what to look for in the sky at night, information on looking after your telescope, and a section on frequently asked questions. The lightweight and easy-to-use design of the telescope makes it perfect for transporting, and dust caps are included to protect its optical components.

This telescope is, in our opinion, a wonderfully educational piece of kit that offers a great introduction to astronomy, and will provide much interest and stimulation for curious young minds.

BAD POINTS: Great as a first telescope, but you get what you pay for and may not be satisfactory for a more serious star gazer. Its use is dependent on a clear night.

PRICE: £21.99


Available from Amazon and Argos


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