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Vivid Imaginations Bubble Shooz

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PRODUCT: Vivid Imaginations Bubble Shooz ( Imaginations Bubble Shooz

DESCRIPTION: A pair of adjustable strap-on plastic toy shoes which give a popping sensation as you walk. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. To fit UK size 12 (EU 30.5) child shoe to UK size 8 (EU 42) adult shoe, maximum weight 40kg. Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Bubble Shooz are probably one of the most unusual toys we have reviewed on the site, but they are nonetheless quite good fun for kids who love popping bubble wrap!

The idea is fun and simple...your child just slips the Bubble Shooz on over their regular shoes using the strap provided, and then walks around as normal (whether in the house or garden) to a continuous popping noise sensation!

The shoes have a solid quality to them, and are made entirely from plastic, with large chunky blue bases (no separate heel) covered in fun bubble styling, and a flat orange 'grip' on the sole to aid grip and balance.

The footbed is bright orange in colour, and also covered in smaller bubble texturing, with clever little integrated 'popping' points which make a fun 'pop' sound when any pressure is exerted on them, i.e. walking.

The shoes are designed to fit a good range of show sizes, with a raised heel at the back to reduce slippage, and a strong purple fabric strap system which fits around the ankle area and toes can be easily adjusted to suit the foot size of the child.

In our opinion, these are uniquely designed toy shoes with a difference, which are perfect for kids who like to make some noise!

BAD POINTS: The shoes are quite pricey. There are only six popping 'points' on each shoe, which are sometimes difficult to 'activate'. Those at the top end of the recommended shoe size would have trouble fitting comfortably into the footbed!

PRICE: £19.99


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