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Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

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PRODUCT: Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium (
Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

DESCRIPTION: An activity aquarium with lights, music and bubbles, which fits to the rails of your baby’s cot. The aquarium has an ocean background and is water-filled. It is encased in white plastic which emulates the shape of waves, and contains two swimming fish, a spinning starfish, and a clam which opens and shuts. The aquarium has a choice of three musical melodies and three aquatic sounds, and has three settings: a) music only, b) music and lights, or c) music, lights, bubbles and swimming fish. It requires four D batteries (not included) and is suitable from birth upwards. The dimensions are 10 ½ x 9 ½ inches.

GOOD POINTS: This is a great activity toy to have in the cot as it not only soothes baby to sleep but also gives them quiet play in their more wakeful periods, providing visual stimulation and promoting hand-eye coordination.

As your baby gets older they can reach up and activate the aquarium themselves through an easy-to-press button in the centre. The front casing also contains a two-tone roller ball which opens and closes the clam when batted, and also an orange lever which spins the starfish around.

The aquarium comes with two tough plastic straps which fasten it very securely to the cot rail. The main controls for the aquarium are on the top, out of sight – these include a handy volume button, a button to change the melody and also a switch move between the different settings.

The aquatic noises are very relaxing and serene, and include ocean waves, falling rain, and babbling brook. The musical melodies are soothing and can last for up to 10 minutes. The nice feature here is that you can choose to play just one song or all three and it will turn off automatically. The accompanying lights are very soft and fade in an out in a very relaxing fashion.

BAD POINTS: The plastic straps are secure but not very long, which does not enable the aquarium to be fastened to the broader/chunkier end rails of some cots. The aquarium is also very heavy and care must be taken to ensure it is tied properly. The required batteries are expensive (although do last for a long time). The volume control can be turned up very loudly, but does not seem to go down very quietly. In addition, the mechanics of the fish can be very noisy.

PRICE: Approximately £25


Available from Amazon: Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquariumalt

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