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Paul Lamond Games Subbuteo The Game

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PRODUCT: Paul Lamond Games Subbuteo The Game ( Lamond Games Subbuteo

DESCRIPTION: A relaunched version of the classic 2-player table football game, with new flexible players and improved pitch, and an updated range of Premiership Club Subbuteo teams available to purchase separately. Contains 20 x players, 2 x goalkeepers, 2 x goals, 1 x pitch, 1 x Subbuteo ball, and instructions. Suitable for children aged 8 years and upwards.

GOOD POINTS: After many years away from the game, the iconic Subbuteo sports set has finally made a long awaited comeback, with a new and much improved design that will certainly not disappoint fans of this classic table football game. 

The basic set-up is of course the same. For anyone not familiar with the game, Subbuteo is a portable interactive table football game whereby players must use their skill and dexterity to flick their miniature playing figures to direct the ball across the tabletop pitch and (hopefully) past the opposing goalkeeper!

The Subbuteo pitch is made from a green felt material, which simply folds out on a table or flat surface and offers a decent sized playing area (almost 1m x 1.5m long). With all the familiar white markings of a full-size football field (i.e. centre circle, side and goal lines, penalty spots, four corners, and six and eighteen yard boxes), the Subbuteo pitch has a very substantial quality to it which allows for smooth and accurate movement across the surface, as well as protecting the furniture underneath!

Paul Lamond Games SubbuteoTwo netted goals attach onto free-standing bases which can be easily positioned at each end of the pitch, and the goalkeeper on each side comes attached to a long playing handle that enables your child to operate them from behind the goal net via a raised rim on the back of the stand; so, as the ball nears the goal, the keeper can be moved easily from side to side as well as back and forth to deflect any incoming shots.

The game includes twenty-two football players in all (including the goalkeepers), eleven to a side, with one side kitted out in plain red and white strip, and the other in blue and white. The figures are certainly miniature but offer wonderful head-to-toe painted detailing, from their hair and facial features down to their socks and boots, and each player is attached to its own small shaped weighted base. 

As mentioned previously, the players must be moved around the pitch manually by flicking them with your finger nail into the (oversized but lightweight) Subbuteo football to guide it towards goal. These playing pieces are indeed much improved in this updated version, with a better base design that increases balance, accuracy, speed and manoeuvre around other players, as well as more durable and flexible figures that will remain firmly fixed to their bases!

Both attacking and defending moves are possible as the game moves up and down the pitch, and the accompanying user leaflet clearly details all permitted playing actions, goal shots and set pieces, as well as fouls and free kicks. Furthermore, real footie fans can complement their Subbuteo game with a great range of fully licensed Premier League Subbuteo teams now available to purchase separately, including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, as well as the England, Scotland and Ireland national teams.

In our opinion, this relaunched Subbuteo game from Paul Lamond Games is a definite improvement on previous versions, offering increased all-round quality and playability, and providing an exciting and action-packed interactive game that children can enjoy with both family and friends. 

BAD POINTS: The product is fairly pricey and does not have any barriers round the edges to stop the ball rolling off the table. Any ridges or ruts on the table may show up through the material mat and impact play. No spare footballs are included. It may take younger children a while to get to grips with the game rules.

PRICE: Approx. £39.95 for the game; approx. £12.95 for additional team sets.


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