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Bibee Dress

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PRODUCT: Bibee Dress (
Bibee dress

DESCRIPTION: A maternity dress for wearing during and after pregnancy, with a range of removable and interchangeable Bibee Bibs for discrete breastfeeding. Bibee T-shirts also available for wearing underneath the Bibee Dress. Bibee Dress comes with one matching Bibee Bib; additional Bibs and Bibee T-shirts sold separately. Bibee Dresses and Bibee T-shirts are available in a range of colours and sizes; Bibee Bibs are available in a range of colours and designs.

GOOD POINTS: The Bibee Dress is a brand new and wonderfully innovative maternity garment that enables women to look and feel stylish both during and after pregnancy, while at the same time offering a very practical solution to breastfeeding.

Available in a good range of plain colours, the Bibee Dress has a lovely quality and finish to it, and is beautifully made from a soft, warm and stretchy viscose jersey which is perfect for accommodating growing bumps without losing its shape! The dress is sleeveless and designed to sit just above the knee, and has a high pleated waistline which allows the dress to 'float' flatteringly over mum-to-be's changing body shape.

The dress has a unique design with a low scoop neckline which sits underneath the bust to leave the bra exposed. The really clever bit is the 'Bibee Bib', a 'panel' of matching fabric which fastens over the front of the dress to cover the chest area, and is secured in place to the dress via buttons on the shoulder straps and under each arm.

What's more, the brilliant design of this Bib enables new mums to easily and discretely breastfeed their baby when out and about by simply unbuttoning whichever side of the Bib they need to access, and placing baby's head underneath for instant access to the breast. Once finished, the buttons can be quickly done back up and the process repeated on the other side (if required).

Bibee dressThe Bibee Dress includes one coordinated Bib (in matching colour/design) within the purchase price, however there are also a collection of Bibs available to purchase separately which are intended to be used interchangeably with any of the dresses to create an instant mix-and-match wardrobe that can be easily packed into a changing bag for both planned or emergency changes! The range of Bibs to choose from is vast, with some wonderful colours and designs to choose from (featuring some beautiful prints of flowers, jewellery etc.), as well as a choice of V-neck and round neck styles.

What's more, there is an additional long-sleeved 'Bibee T-shirt' top (again sold separately in a choice of colours) which can handily be worn underneath the dress to give some added warmth in cooler weather (as well as adding another dimension to the 'wardrobe'). Just like the dress, the top is suitably stretchy to grow with a pregnant woman's body, and has a matching low slung neckline which allows it to sit comfortably underneath the Bibee dress without interfering with access for breastfeeding.

The Bibee Dress is, in our opinion, a wonderfully versatile and practical must-have maternity outfit for style conscious mums-to-be...and makes a great gift idea for Dads who want to spoil their loved one! It is easy to wash, easy to carry and easy to wear. The quality and design of the dress is simply superb, and the discrete access to breastfeeding offers a great solution for busy mums on the go!

BAD POINTS: Very expensive so not for parents on a budget! Only one Bibee Bib included in the price.

PRICE: £175 for Bibee Dress including a matching Bibee Bib; £40-£50 for individual Bibee Bibs; £40 for Bibee T-shirt to sit underneath the Bibee Dress.


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