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Mattel Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Garage

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PRODUCT: Mattel Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Garage ( Wheels Colour Shifters Garage

DESCRIPTION: A car playset which uses warm and cold water to transform the colour of special Hot Wheels Colour Shifters vehicles. Features include a turbo launch, ramps, colour changing waterfall, and extreme spinner to dry colours off. Includes water pen and one Colour Shifters vehicle. Suitable for children aged 3 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: Despite the fact that the garage comes in a large number of pieces, assembly is easy and well illustrated in the instructions. It is clearly indicated which parts of the garage need water, and what temperature should be used.

GOOD POINTS: The Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Garage is like nothing you have seen before, and is radically different to other toy garages. There are various different routes for the cars to be launched around the tracks of the playset which are easily switchable, and each gives rise to a different colour change (due to the clever colour memory technology).

The product comes with a Colour Shifters car which is propelled around the tracks by hitting the launcher button (other varying Colour Shifters vehicles can be purchased separately). The route can be altered so that the car jumps through a waterfall (and changes colour) at the top of the garage and spirals down into the spin drier. Pushing the button on the top of the spinner causes the car to be spun round repeatedly (and dried off), and the car is then released from the spinner via a second button. The water from the waterfall is captured in a handy pot situated underneath, which can be easily removed for emptying.

Alternatively, the car can bypass the spinner altogether, or can be dunked into a separate vat of water when the ramp collapses. Finally, your child can use the customising water pen which comes with the playset to give custom designs to the car.

Colour changes are brought about using either warm or cold water, and the paint retains that colour change until it is introduced to water again (i.e. it holds its colour at room temperature).

This Hot Wheels garage is a really novel idea for a toy, which has been well designed and will most definitely wow little boys...and most likely the grown-ups too!

BAD POINTS: There are lots of pieces to this product which may get lost over time. The garage only includes one car in the price, and more cars will likely be needed to fully appreciate the Hot Wheels playset. Also it involves quite a lot of water which will inevitably create a bit of a mess.

PRICE: Approx. £40


Available from Amazon: Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Garage


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