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Mattel Batman Power Attack Batmobile

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PRODUCT: Mattel Batman Power Attack Batmobile ( )

DESCRIPTION: A classic Batman vehicle from the well-known Batman franchise, with 'Power Attack' action. Features include a battering ram and a mega missile launcher complete with three projectiles. Fits six-inch play figures (not included). Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: The Power Attack Batmobile is a cool version of the iconic Batman vehicle and will have huge popularity among young fans of the well-known superhero character....what's more, no batteries required!

Designed for young children, the Batmobile is big, chunky and plastic, with oversized rolling wheels for push-along play and easy-to-use features. The vehicle is largely blue in colour, with accents of red on the wheels, side vents and front nose (or rather the bat head!).

The attention to detail on the Batmobile is quite impressive, with good sculpted design on the wheels (complete with bat symbol), hood, cockpit interior, and even the underside of the car. The vehicle has a high-tech and aerodynamic appearance, with a big 'thruster' on the back and two pointed spoilers. The cockpit has a large Perspex cover which can be easily flipped up to reveal a spacious seating area, complete with shaped steering wheel, into which your child can insert their favourite Batman play figure, ready to restore law and order on the streets of Gotham City.

The Power Attack Batmobile has two main features. The first is its powerful battering ram, which is operated by pressing down on the hood just below the cockpit, and causes the whole front 'bat head' to blast outwards, knocking over any villains in its path - releasing the hood causes the bat head to retract. This battering ram effect is actually powered by nothing more than an elastic band on the underside of the car, which on first impressions may seem a little cheap, but in all fairness this is ideally suited to the inevitable repeated and heavy use of this feature by young children - if the elastic breaks, it can simply be replaced by another band, and unlike other more technically advanced designs, there is no risk of failed mechanisms.

The second feature of the vehicle is its fun missile launcher, which is very easy for young children to operate themselves, and is a small slot located on the front of the hood (revealed by deploying the battering ram), into which a range of 'deadly' looking projectiles can be inserted - three such projectiles are included with the vehicle, and these can be manually fired out of the launcher by simply pressing down on either of the middle two moulded buttons on the hood.

In our opinion, the Mattel Batman Power Attack Batmobile has a basic but very functional and durable design which is entirely suited to younger children and has some very effective features to enable some great role-play battles. 

BAD POINTS: The vehicle does not come with any figures, and has a fairly plain design with no sticker detailing. The spoilers are a little flimsy and could easily be snapped or bent. 

PRICE: Approx. £25


Available from Amazon and Argos 


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