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Mattel Green Lantern The Final Showdown

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PRODUCT: Mattel Green Lantern The Final Showdown ( Green Lantern

DESCRIPTION: A playset coinciding with the release of the 2011 Warner Bros. 'Green Lantern' film. Includes a rolling Parallax figure (10" tall) with moving tentacles and secret grabbing claw attack, and a Hal Jordan play figure (4" tall) with exclusive construct weapon. Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Young children, and particularly boys, will love every inch of this wonderfully gruesome Green Lantern playset.

The set is based on the 2011 Green Lantern superhero film (which itself is based on the DC Comics of the same name), and allows your child to recreate the final battle scene in the film between Hal Jordan (part of the Green Lantern Corps intergalactic police force) and the evil villain Parallax who has been sent to destroy the galaxy.

The Hal Jordan play figure is small yet detailed, with articulated limbs and an exclusive green bladed construct arm to help him fight off the enemy. The Parallax figure is large and fearsome looking, made from a coloured plastic with all the Mattel Green Lanternfantastic grisly facial and body detail of an evil monster baddie! He required some simple assembly on purchase; that is, some of the tentacles need to be clipped on, along with one of the torso flaps. This is very easy to do using the diagrammed instructions provided.

Parallax has some great features to add to his playability. Two wheels on his underside not only enable him to be rolled across surfaces (your child can push him along using his handle tail), but also move his tentacles up and down as he rolls! In addition, squeezing a trigger on his tail shoots out a large concealed claw from his chest to capture Hal Jordan (or indeed any other similar sized figures!) and pull the captured figure back into his torso. Squeezing the trigger again will spit the captive back out!

In all, a reasonably priced playset that is fun, interactive and brilliantly revolting to appeal to all young boys!

BAD POINTS: There are lots of protruding plastic parts on Parallax which make it quite delicate, and not necessarily suitable for the rough play of children at the lower end of the recommended age range.

PRICE: Approx. £22.99


Available from Amazon and Toys R Us


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