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Mattel Polly Pocket Wall Party Treehouse Playset

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PRODUCT: Mattel Polly Pocket Wall Party Treehouse Playset ( )Mattel Polly Pocket Wall Party

DESCRIPTION: One of the sets from the 'Wall Adventure' series comprising a complete treehouse playset which attaches to the wall, featuring multiple levels, a trap door, basket lift, and slide. Includes treehouse and multiple plastic parts, 1 x Polly doll, 1 x Kitty, 2 x Polly sleeping bags, suction-cup play accessories, 3 x mounting brackets, 6 x safe-for-walls Command Strips from 3M, and instructions. Compatible with other Wall Party Playsets (sold separately). Suitable for children aged 4 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The Polly Pocket Wall Party Playset comes in several pieces which need to be assembled by an adult prior to use. You will require about 3" of open wall space and an instructions leaflet is included which gives a step-by-step guide to setting up the playset - this should take approximately twenty minutes. The playset components needs first to be slotted together, and then mounting brackets attached to various parts of the treehouse through designated notches, and affixed to the wall using the included Command Strips. Instructions for reattaching and removing the brackets are also included.

GOOD POINTS: What better way for girls to enjoy playing with their Polly Pocket dolls than with this new and very innovative Wall Party Playset. It forms just one in a range of 'Wall Adventure' sets, and, like the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets, its wonderfully unique feature is that the whole playset can be attached to the wall once assembled, taking play to a whole new level!

There are of course other obvious advantages for parent and child, for example, maximising floor space and minimising carpet clutter to trip over, allowing uninterrupted permanent play which does not need to be continually packed away, and also providing a very cool room decor to wow friends! 

Mattel Polly Pocket Wall PartyThe playset is incredibly quick and easy to set up (see above) using the special Command Strips which are kind to walls and paintwork. The set includes a generous number of pieces of varying colours, shapes and sizes to create a good sized area of play, including a large central treehouse structure with lower and middle floors, as well as an upper railed viewing platform which can be reached via a brilliant little manually operated basket lift. There is also a separate 'satellite space' which is attached to the main treehouse by a shaped slide and contains two hanging fabric sleeping bags.

The attention to detail in the playset design is really nice, with lots of embossed leaf and paw print detailing as well as a large colourful 'window' sticker. Note that the set also comes with one beautifully detailed Polly Pocket doll, along with her cute white 'Kitty' cat!

Other features of the playset include a cool little secret 'cat flap' (with embossed rug design on the top!) located in the middle floor of the treehouse which, at the touch of a button, drops the cat into her basket underneath! In addition, there is a little swing basket (also for the cat) which hangs from the floor above, as well as a large number of brilliant miniature accessories including a seat, pot plants, round barrel table with chequered surface, bowl of food, drinks glasses, bird and clip-on telescope. A great feature of many of these accessories, and indeed Polly herself, is that they come with suction cups on the bottom to enable them to be secured in position around the various parts of the playset, as well as allowing for plenty of upside-down play too! 

This is, in our opinion, a very unique, fun and safe way for young children to play, which has great space-saving benefits and which can be mixed, matched and extended with other Polly Pocket Wall Party playsets to create some truly amazing role play adventures for Polly and all her friends.

BAD POINTS: The set is not suitable for use with wallpaper, vinyl surfaces or walls with dado rails. The sticker detailing may fade or rub off over time.

PRICE: Approx. £19.99


Available from Amazon and Argos  


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