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Mattel BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster

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PRODUCT: Mattel BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster ( )BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster

DESCRIPTION: An air-powered dart blaster (similar to Nerf) including 30 Smart Stick darts, a 20-dart clip, Smart Stick target and removable transforming shield. Suitable for children aged 7 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: As an adult there is nothing better than a toy that doesn't take batteries yet still provides plenty of interest, however the BOOMco Rapid Madness may just have raised the bar on the fun part of the equation!

The BOOMco range of pump action blasters share some similarity to the Nerf blaster range, with similarly cool designs and power but without the need for batteries. The latest addition to the BOOMco range, the Rapid Madness, buids upon previous designs with a (as the name suggests) rapid fire mode.

The blaster comes in the usual red/black/silver colour combination but in contrast to others in the range is loaded through a removable "easy load" clip which holds 20 darts at once. As with the Twisted Spinner blaster we recently reviewed there is also a small shield that pops out at the touch of a button.

The Rapid Blaster can be fired in essentially automatic or single shot mode after pumping up the gun with the prerequisite 18 pumps. Included in the pack are a number of targets that can be stuck up wherever you like for practice, but the most fun is to be had (whilst wearing suitable eye protection) chasing other "armed" personnel around the garden using the inbuilt shield to catch or deflect darts for reuse. Catching the darts on the shield will take you a bit of practice, but the smart stick technology means that the darts stick to the surfaces upon direct contact.

The build quality of the blaster is excellent with solid plastic mouldings which should mean that it will last through many skirmishes. Despite the excellent design of the darts, which are lightweight, there is a good chance though that you will be topping them up as they become lost in undergrowth or over fences due to the range of the blaster (around 50 feet)!

BAD POINTS: As mentioned above and as with any toy such as this it is essential to wear appropriate eye wear to protect your eyes, as although it would be preferable if blasters weren't aimed anywhere near heads in the first place, accidents do invariably happen. As with any blaster of this size and capacity it is fairly expensive, but in our opinion is well worth the money given the enjoyment that can be had. Despite being aimed at kids aged six upwards we would recommend parental supervision/help due to the size and force needed to pump the gun up before firing.

For more information on this product please see: officialboomco

PRICE: £49.99


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