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Mattel BOOMco Twisted Spinner Blaster

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PRODUCT: Mattel BOOMco Twisted Spinner Blaster ( )Mattel Boomco

DESCRIPTION: An air-powered dart blaster (similar to Nerf) including 8 sticky darts, target and integrated transforming shield. Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: If you are a fan of the Hasbro Nerf range, the BOOMco range from Mattel will literally blow you away.

The Twisted Spinner Blaster has a cool colour scheme with red and black casing and a blue and white detailed barrel, whilst the ammunition is a bright green colour (making them easier to find even when they are fired at their full range of 70ft!) with a sticky black nose that (only) sticks to the BOOMco shields and targets even at distance.

The Twisted Spinner is the showpiece of the BOOMco range with a rotating barrel that allows 8 darts to be fired of in quick succession at either the included target or at any moving target holding a BOOMco shield.

The accuracy and range of the Twisted spinner is certainly on a par with, if not better than, equivalent branded blasters and the Mattel Boomcointegrated shield provides a simple way of protecting and gathering ammunition even whilst using this two handed blaster (the other blasters in the range are pistols).

In practice, the blaster provides a fun target practice with the included target, however the most fun is with a partner (or group) having a shootout around the garden or other area where the proprietary dart technology makes it easy to decide the winner!

The best factor in our eyes however had to be the reasonable pricing with the whole range coming in well within the price of competitor products.

BAD POINTS: Obviously to shoot darts 70ft they tend to come out of the barrel at pace that can hurt if at close range. For this reason there are goggles available to purchase to prevent any damage to eyes. The Twisted Spinner Blaster only comes with 8 darts so you will most likely need to purchase spare packs (which are reasonably priced) and also the blaster offers no storage for extra darts so it might be worth picking up the accessory BOOMco 2-in-1 Bandolier to help if there is likely to be a long shootout!

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PRICE: £24.99


Available from Amazonalt and Argos 


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