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Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Track Set

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PRODUCT: Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Track Set (

Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Track Set

DESCRIPTION: A complete indoor interchangeable track system which attaches to the wall, for use with compatible Hot Wheels vehicles to create multiple stunts, tricks and turns, with motorised crashing action. Includes multiple track pieces, 4 x mounting brackets, 10 x safe-for-walls Command Strips from 3M, and 1 x hanging colour poster template for easy set-up. Includes 1 x Hot Wheels vehicle. Requires 2 x D batteries (not included). Suitable for children aged 5 years upwards.

ASSEMBLY: The Hot Wheels Mid Air Madness Track Set comes in several pieces which need to be assembled by an adult prior to use. An instructions leaflet is included which gives a step-by-step guide to setting up the track, which should take approximately twenty minutes using the accompanying background 'poster' template. The poster can be taped flat to the wall (with the top of the poster aligned with your child's height) using a low-adhesive tape, e.g. painter's tape or masking tape (not included). You will need approximately 120cm x 60cm (4" x 2") of open wall space to set up the track system. The poster helps you to line up the mounting brackets in the right place (through designated notches in the poster) and affix to the wall using the included Command Strips. With the poster now in place, the track pieces can then be assembled and attached to the brackets - one of the track pieces is motorised and requires batteries to be inserted prior to assembly. Instructions for reattaching and removing the brackets are also included.

GOOD POINTS: The Hot Wheels range of Wall Track sets are a really innovative and exciting way for kids to build and race their favourite cars like never before! Unlike the traditional track sets which can clutter and minimise floor space, these unique tracks, as the name suggests, are assembled vertically against a wall. This not only enables a whole new perspective on play and offers great stunts, tricks, turns and speed around the track, but also takes up minimal space and provides a very cool room decor to wow friends! 

The Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Track Set is just one of the sets in this range, with some added features that boys in particular will love. The set is very quick and simple to mount on the wall (see assembly section above), and uses special Command Strips that are designed to minimise damage to paintwork. Unlike the other Wall Tracks sets that use a removable template to help you set up the track system, this particular set goes one step further and uses a fantastic decent-sized colour poster which provides a fun backdrop to race against. The poster shows a wonderfully detailed Hot Wheels racing scene, with strategically placed precut notches through which the brackets are fed to attach the track pieces to.

A number of track pieces are included in the set, of varying shapes, sizes and bright colours, to enable your child to build a great little track system, with plenty of twists, turns and jumps to provide non-stop action! One Hot Wheels vehicle is also included to get your child started.

The great feature of this particular track is its motorised booster, which helps to launch the Hot Wheels car off the starting ramp and up onto the top part of the track. From here, the car speeds its way down the track, and makes another jump across the top of the ramp to take it back round to the beginning straight, where gravity takes over to send the car round the circuit again and again. To liven things up further, more than one car can be launched onto the circuit at any time (one after the other), which makes for some thrilling crashes as they start meeting in the middle!

In our opinion, this is a really well thought-out and fast-paced set which has everything that a boy could ask for in a track race. It is a really unique space-saving and safe way for kids to play, which is easy to assemble and dismantle, and is fully compatible with other Wall Tracks sets to enable your child to create some brilliant customised track designs of their own.

BAD POINTS: The set is not suitable for use with wallpaper, vinyl surfaces or walls with dado rails. Only one Hot Wheels vehicle is included. Batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.

PRICE: Approx. £29.99

Available from Amazon and Argosalt

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