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Mattel 'Prehistoric Pets' Terrordactyl

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PRODUCT: Mattel 'Prehistoric Pets' Terrordactyl ( Terrordactyl

DESCRIPTION: An interactive pterosaur dinosaur with motion sensor, sound effects, and multiple modes to make it eat, spit and guard. One toy 'grub' is included. Requires 3 x AA batteries (included). Suitable for children aged 6 years upwards.

GOOD POINTS: Not for the faint-hearted, this Prehistoric 'Terrordactyl' Pet is a wonderfully fearsome interactive pterodactyl dinosaur toy for any dinosaur fanatic. The dinosaur is made from plastic with fantastic attention to detail, and has all the realistic characteristics of a prehistoric creature. The tail of the toy is cleverly shaped round so as to enable the dinosaur to sit on your child's arm for taking wherever they go.

The product works off three batteries, and can be turned on and off via a switch on the underside of the toy. The battery compartment is located on the base of the model, and will need to be opened to replace batteries using a Phillips screwdriver (not included).

Mattel TerrordactylThe Terrordactyl has a number of modes which activate a variety of great sound effects and movements. Firstly, the pterosaur loves being petted, and will purr and chirp in return for pressing the back of his head or lifting his chin upwards. The more he is petted, the happier and hungrier he becomes! As Terrordactyl becomes hungrier, he begs for food by opening his mouth. The toy comes with a sticky green 'grub' which can be inserted into a designated hole in the dinosaur's mouth until it locks into place ('feeding' mode). Once this is inserted, Terrordactyl will happily chomp on his food!

The dinosaur has a button on his tail which, when pressed, will make him growl and then sit back and wait to spring out on the next person who pets him on the head ('surprise attack' mode). If he's left to his own devices for a while, he'll snap at anyone he detects approaching him from the front (via the motion sensor on his chest), and growl if he's eating when someone passes by ('get snappy' mode).

The toy also has a fun 'guard' mode which will surprise any unwelcome visitors to your child's room. This is activated by holding down the button on his tail for three seconds until he hisses. He will hide behind his wings, but if he detects any movement via his sensor, he will snap forwards and projectile-spit his grub (if inserted) out of his mouth at his unsuspecting victim. The Terrordactyl will also spit out his grub if the button on his tail is pressed twice, or if his torso is pushed forwards, or if he is petted while in 'surprise attack' mode.

In our opinion, this is a great toy for boys with a wonderfully feisty but fun design, and some great interactive features for your child to spring a few surprises on their favorite have been warned!!

BAD POINTS: The toy is battery operated and will require more frequent battery replacement with heavy use.

PRICE: Approx. £35


Available from Amazon: Prehistoric Pets Terrordactyl


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